The company “Tigarbo ECO” produces eco-houses for cottages, water plots and recreation centers. The small size of the living area is compensated by the competent use of space, thanks to compact built-in furniture.

Environmentally friendly, heat-retaining, eco-friendly TIGARBO houses are made of wooden panels, provide good air exchange, while forming a comfortable microclimate.

The visual perception of a small house is improved by the use of light shades in the interior design, an abundance of lighting fixtures, as well as the use of natural materials for decoration.
The eco-house is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay: built-in furniture, TV, air conditioning. The presence of an ergonomic plumbing unit in the house provides home comfort and coziness, and most importantly aesthetic satisfaction.

The presence of a boiler for heating water will allow you to take a hot shower in the shower cabin. For a full stay and use, it is only necessary to connect electricity, water supply and sanitation networks.

A modest square footage also accommodates a sleeping place. A solid floor and a rounded roof finish will protect the owners from weather events.
TIGARBO eco-houses have many advantages:

  • eco-friendly: the houses are made of wooden panels without the use of chemicals, therefore they are completely eco-friendly;
  • ease of installation: no foundation is required for the installation of such structures, a flat platform is sufficient;
  • excellent microclimate and air exchange: the absence of corners in the room and the rounded shape of the side walls contributes to optimal air exchange and ventilation;
  • mobility: the total weight of the structure is relatively small, so it is possible to move both inside the site and over long distances by dimensional cargo transport;
  • stability of the structure: due to the sloping roof and walls, snow does not gather on the roof, rain flows down and the structure is very resistant to gusts of hurricane wind;
  • attractive design: the original design of eco-houses will become a real taming of a country house, country house or recreation center.

The cost of the TIGARBO eco-house: 1,500,000 rubles (including VAT).