Elecar 5E-TIGARBO 4 Cabrio

Price 1 479 732 ₽

4-seater / Cargo body / Front-wheel drive / Engine 3,9 kW 72 V / One charge - 65 km

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Elecar 5E-TIGARBO 4 Cabrio

The electric vehicle Elecar 5E-TIGARBO 4 Cabrio is one of the brightest electric cars of  TIGARBO brand electric vehicles model range. It is a perfect choice for driving in cottage villages and environmentally friendly areas. Luxurious design, robuts construction, high-quality and well-developed parts, compliance with safety requirements – all there characteristics are combined in the premium-class electric car Elecar 5E-TIGARBO 4 Cabrio. Such model is intended to be an exclusive and rare gift for successful and wealthy people.

Basic configuration:


  • Body color – white
  • Roof color – white
  • Back Color – Aluminum
  • Windshield triplex
  • Front Wiper Blade
  • LED optics low and high beam
  • Side mirrors
  • Rims R14” model Desing X1
  • Summer tires 185/60 R14” Viatti Strada Asymmetrico
  • The cargo rear is equipped with a passenger sofa


  • Parprise color – black
  • Three-point seat belts
  • Seat belt color – black
  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Rearview mirror
  • Passenger safety handles
  • Seat upholstery in eco-leather
  • Armrest for driver and passengers
  • Glove box

Service information

  • Cruise control
  • Parking brake
  • Built-in charger
  • Charging from a household power supply 220 V
  • Sound signal (horn)
  • Setting a speed limiter
  • Manual
  • Passport
  • 24 months warranty
Additional option:


  • Frame color – white (7 500 )
  • Mirror color – white (0 )


  • Car radio with Bluetooth (15 000 )
  • Seat upholstery color – brown (45 000 )

Technical specification Elecar 5E-TIGARBO 4 Cabrio

Vehicle type in Russia Quad bike
Vehicle type in Europe and USA Low Speed Vehicle (LSV)
Seating 4
Steering position Left
Producing country Russia
Frame Spatial aluminum frame Alu-F with
additional protective coating
Body parts ABS plastic
Rear parts Embossed aluminum
Steering Rack and pinion steering
Front suspension Independent double wishbone with spherical bearing and shock-absorbers
Rear suspension Independent spring suspension
Number of electric motors 1
Electromotor Golden Motor
Type of electric motor Brushless DC motor, air cooled
Motor voltage 72 V
Motor power (rated) 3,9 kW|5,3 hp
Electric motor power (peak) 7,5 kW | 10,2 hp
Torque (rated) 14 N*m
Torque (peak) 24 N*m
Motor control unit Controller Kelly
Rated current 100 A
Max phase current 300 A
Batteries (high voltage)
Battery model Trojan
Type Acidic, served
Batteries number 6 pcs
Batteries capacity 120 A*h
Drive FWD
Transmission type Forward and reverse
Front brake Hydraulic with disc
Rear brake Hydraulic with disc
Parking brake Hydraulic front and rear axles
Max forward speed 35 km/h|21,8 mph
Range (up to) 65 km
(depending on speed, use, weather etc.)
Charging network type Household, 220 V
Charge time Approx. 7 hours (for full charge)
Turning radius (outer circle) 5200 mm|204,7 in
Climb overcome 15 %
Voltage on Board 12 V
Overall Length 3890 mm|153,2 in
Overall Width (excluding mirrors) 1420 mm|55,9 in
Overall Width (including mirrors) 1620 mm|63,8 in
Height 1370 mm|53,9 in
Ground standard clearance 200 mm|7,9 in
Wheelbase 2665 mm|104,9 in
Track front 1165 mm|45,9 in
Track rear 1210 mm|47,6 in
Tires 185/60/R14
Wheels 6Jx14
Curb weight (excluding battery) 530 kg|1168,7 lbs
Battery weight 200 kg|441 lbs
Curb weight (including battery) 730 kg|1609,7 lbs
Vehicle capacity weight 425 kg|937,1 lbs
Weight of transported (in the back) 75 kg|165,4 lbs
Gross weight 1155 kg|2546,8 lbs

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